1- How do we handle the shipping of your Victory Book?

LULU express is the qualified partner we trust to print and ship your VictoryBook when you order it on VictoryBook.com

2- Where do we ship the Victory Book?

The Victory Book can be shipped to over 150 countries.

3- When will I receive my Victory Book?

- UK: within 5-7 Business Days
- Europe: within 5-7 Business Days
- USA & Canada: within 5-7 Business Days
- Australia & ROW: within 5-7 Business Days
Please note that if you cannot find your country on the list above, contact us and we will do our best to get it to you ASAP.

4- How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is always calculated at the checkout. There is no fixed price for shipping, as this differs from a country to another.

5- What are the main carriers we work with?

The main carriers we work with DHL, UPS and USPS.

6- What will I receive after I order my Victory Book?

As you place your order, you will receive audio version within 24 hours.
Then you will receive the physical version of your Victory Book to your
door within the time frame indicated in the policy.