The inspiration for “VICTORY BOOK” started while Shane was studying various success principles and wondering why Goal Setting was not taught in elementary nor high schools.

He noticed the lack of confidence in colleagues around him and how this impacted their self-esteem and self-confidence. It was at that point that Shane developed a system to stay focused and positive. Years later as a successful businessman, Shane realized that low self-esteem was prevalent at every layer of business; low self-esteem had reached epidemic proportions.

“In my twenties, I developed of the Victory Book; a formalized way that helped me stay focused and effective -- to remove my own personal barriers to success,” Shane explained. “Over the years, the system has evolved as I have evolved. It has worked exceedingly well for me and I am determined to share this foundation of my own success with the world. It is my goal to positively impact a minimum of one million families within the first 18 to 24 months of the release of “Victory Book.”

Utilizing the Victory Book, individuals will realize a proven goal-setting system, enjoying step-by-step instructions that can produce tangible results. Chapters/sections include:

• Visualizing your goals each day.
• Daily exposure to your dreams and goals.
• Tracking your progress.
• The 3 guiding principles.
• How to increase self-esteem.
• How to increase self-confidence.

“You are never too old or too young to dream and achieve,” Shane emphasized. “The Victory Book is as relevant for an 8-year-old as it is for someone who is 108. This system empowers people to dream bigger, and to help them to develop the skills that allow them to teach others to dream bigger and to take effective and inspired action. The Victory Book system is the most impactful tool imaginable for students, families and entrepreneurs.”